Wednesday, January 9, 2013

For no one...

                                  Are you kidding me?!...Are you FUCKIN' kidding me?!?!....NOBODY got elected into the Hall of fame?  A few days ago, I did a blog about how I thought Tim "Rock" Raines deserved to be in the HOF.  Did I think he would be? Maybe.  It was more wishful thinking...But this?  Sure, I can see them maybe punishing the PED trio of Bonds, Clemens and Sosa until further notice ( that's a blog for another time, I guess ), but no Piazza?  C'mon, he's the greatest hitting catcher of all time, and as far as I know, was never known to use steroids. I already had an entire piece ready about him getting in, entitled "I'm not gay", referring to the New York post headline which featured Mike on the front of the sports page with two strippers days after someone alleged that Piazza had been leading an alternative lifestyle.

                Man, even if Piazza didn't get in, I could do something on Jeff Bagwell, the man involved in one of the worst trades in Red Sox history; Or maybe his teammate, Craig Biggio, who was the model of consistency, getting over 3,000 hits and, along with Bagwell, stayed with the Houston Astros his entire career...could have been a tandem election.  BUT NOOOOOOO... I Mean, I wasn't expecting Jack Morris and his high ERA to get in, nor his Tiger teammate, Shortstop Alan Trammel (though, it would have been nice to have at least one HOF Representative from that amazing 1984 Detroit team), but at least give us someone.  You know, someone born within the last 100 years...

           For the record, I think Bonds, Clemens and Sosa probably should get in; Hey, Gaylord Perry's in, and he threw an illegal pitch his entire career.  Others HOF members have other obvious flaws:

Ty Cobb ( Racisit, total dick on top of it )
Tris Speaker ( Klan member...which I guess qualifies as racist too )
Rogers Hornsby ( See: Speaker )
Babe Ruth ( Womanizer )
Pete Rose ( Womanizer and gambler...Hah!...just wanted to see if you were paying attention...)
Ernie Lombardi ( Was really unattractive )
Mordecai "Three finger" Brown ( His deformity allowed him to cheat )
Mickey Mantle ( Terrible acting in the Doris Day vehicle "Safe at home" )
Willie Stargell ( Ugh!, those late '70s Pirates uniforms...)
George Brett ( A lot of issues with his ass )
Joe Morgan ( Worst...broadcaster...ever...)
Phil Rizzuto ( Doesn't belong in the HOF as a player...HOLY COW! )
Fresh ass Johnson ( Doesn't actually exist )
Rod Carew ( I don't  believe his conversion to Judaism for one second )
Reggie Jackson ( The "Reggie" bar tasted...just...awful...)
Lou Gehrig ( Turns out, he didn't even have his own disease )

...and so on....And I haven't even started my rant about Ted Simmons not getting in.  There needs to be a big change in the voting...Does MLB think this is fair for the fans?  Piazza probably would have gone in as a Met, and they could use a lift after losing R.A. Dickey to the Blue Jays...Selig is at fault, I'm guessing.  The HOF itself is probably pissed; No inductees, means no inductions, which brings in plenty of loot for the Hall.  There better be like five inductees next year, on top of Selig's firing, Joe Buck's retiring and finally: The return of the bullpen car...

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