Saturday, October 12, 2013

Save us Vin Scully...SAVE US NOW!!!...

                       The other day I was saying how I thought Vin Scully should announce the World Series this year, a sentiment shared by many, including a writer from the Los Angeles
Times.  The person I was talking to said, "Why? You're not positive the Dodgers are even going to be IN the Series this year..."  I informed him that before FOX had the series, Vin Scully would often announce color man, no former jock pointing out the obvious.  He would announce it just like he has been doing for Dodger games for the past 60 years, going back to the old Brooklyn Dodgers.

                   Vin had a lot to live up to when he replaced the legendary Red Barber in the early '50s; Red had been the voice of the Brooklyn Dodgers since the '30s, and was the first man to announce Jackie Robinson as a player in '47. Scully and Barber shared announcing duties until Red left to do Yankee games in '53.  Eventually, Vin started doing World series games.  Baseball fans were rather spoiled in the '80s, as not only did we have Scully do the T.V series games, but we also had the equally legendary Jack Buck do the games on the radio.

               Jack Buck had been the announcer for St. Louis Cardinal games for decades.  I remember when both he and Vin called the Kirk Gibson homer off of Eckersley...they went has such:

Vin Scully: "In a year that has been improbable...the IMPOSSIBLE has happened..."

Jack Buck: "I don't believe, what I just saw...I don't BELIEVE what I just saw..."

       I have started a facebook thingy to have Vin do the's more symbolic than anything else, really.  In a perfect world, this would happen...unfortunately, Jack Buck is no longer with us, so the ultimate announcing team will no longer happen, but at least Jack's son, Joe, could realize that before Vin retires for good next year, Scully could AT LEAST do an inning or two.  Lord knows I have things against Joe Buck; I have ranted on here and elsewhere about how he and Tim McCarver babble on and on and make people thank God for the mute button...McCarver used to be pretty good when he did Mets games, and is obviously knowledgeable about the game...

                   Even if Buck and McCarver chose to step down for even an inning or two, to FOX brass probably won't allow it.  Fox sports have made some shamelessly outrageous plugs for their "stars"...there was Zooey Dechanel singing the national anthem before the  San Fransisco Giants played a World series game...there was also a few years back, when Fox decided to have some American Idol hack sing the anthem in New Orleans before the NFC championship game...NEW ORLEANS!!! Home of some of the greatest music and musicians stark contrast, the NBA All Star game in 2008 had a half time show in the Big Easy which included Aaron Neville, Harry Conick Jr., and many other 'Nawlins legends, the way it should be...

             In conclusion, it would be great to have an announcer who lets the game play out before he over explains what's going on...


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