Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baseball Esoterica:An Introduction
                    Hello everyone, and welcome to "Baseball Esoterica",a weekly blog created by me, hopeless baseball fanatic Pat O'Shea.As a comedian as well as a writer, my goal for this blog is to bring humor, insight and an original point of view to the national past time.While other such sites will either concentrate on the day by day goings on of the modern  game, or exist mainly as pure nostalgia, "...Esoterica" will try to contrast and compare both the past and present, cross referencing with other historical happenings not necessarily about baseball,as well as random comparisons between certain players and eras.

          As someone who played the game himself(I played in high school until my junior year,then showed up for Varsity tryouts my senior year a little hungover,dove for a ball at third, and it took me 20 seconds to get up and throw....CUT!)I can appreciate how hard the game is to play. In fact, once the kids in high school started throwing in the mid eighties with actual curve balls to boot, I knew my playing days were numbered, retiring from the game at the ripe old age of 17...I still play softball, but it's not the same...

     I am also a musician and music fan, so don't be surprised if I start to do things like compare side 2 of the Beatle's "Abbey Road"(or for those too young to remember LPs, "Here comes the sun" onward...)with the 1982 Cardinals(the shorter songs blending into each other being rather reminiscent  of Whitey Herzog's "small ball" philosophy)or how the song "King of pain" by The Police sums up my feelings toward baseball commissioner  Bud Selig(a much more obvious reference...he will appear in this blog often.)Mostly though, I will stick within the realm of baseball,only veering out here and there to make a point.

                                       Pat O'Shea-Baseball Philosophy.....   

Well, that's about it for the introduction.Most of my posts will be far longer than this.My first actual post will be next week, entitled, "You root for who your dad rooted for...sort of"),a story about how my dad  became a Red Sox fan and burdened his children with his eventual fandom.Above is a clip of my stand up, doing a bit called "Baseball Philosophy".Enjoy!...see you next week...   


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