Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A (very brief) history lesson...

                                    Well, we finally know who is going to be in the World Series; The Detroit Tigers and the San Fransisco Giants.  It seems like 400 years ago, but the Tigers swept the Yankees in four games, although three of those were close.  Meanwhile, the Giants/ Cardinals series went the full seven in a series not as close as it would seem; the last two were major blowouts, and a couple other games weren't exactly nail biters.  So, in all, I think it will be a good series, although there is a problem: There is no history between the two teams.

                      Trust me, I didn't want to see St. Louis win the pennant any more than the casual fan, but at least I could have written about the 1934 match-up between Detroit and St. Louis' "Gashouse" gang, or their 1968 meeting with Bob Gibson striking out almost every one who came to the plate in game one.  The series that featured a great throw by Willie Horton (the ballplayer, not the murderer endorsed by Mike Dukakis), a stumble in the outfield by Curt Flood, and Detroit winning it all that year in the shadow of their city burning down just a year before.

                   No, I won't be able to talk about 2006, when a totally non deserving Cardinal team,( who barely got by the Mets, who had 2/5th of their starting rotation out for the NLCS ;if only Endy Chavez were 12 feet tall... he could have caught Yadier Molina's shot as well) met the Tigers for the series.  The Cards pretty much put Detroit away easily in 5...ANYWAY, suffice to say, the Tigers and Giants have never met in the World Series.  Not in New York, not in San Fransisco.  In fact, since the Giants made their move in 1958, they've only been in it five times (this being the 5th) and three of those are within the last ten years.  In that time span, Detroit has been in it four times, including now.

              There will be one thing that should be of note though; Both teams most likely have their leagues MVP (Cabrera for Detroit and Posey for the Giants), so no matter who wins, there will probably be an MVP on the team that wins it all...significant, because that hasn't happened in 24 years, when Kirk Gibson (undeservedly) won it for the World Champion Dodgers.  Cabrera won the triple crown this year, so he's a shoo-in; Posey should win it, but you never know.  It may not matter, because I think Detroit is going to win this series in six.  Verlander will set the tone in game one tomorrow...although, I've been known to be wrong...

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