Saturday, October 6, 2012

Now that this one game Wild Card nonsense is over...

                         Well, now that this one game wild card nonsense is over and done with, we can get on with the playoffs as they were intended; three division winners and a wild card...well, actually, that's only been since 1995.  Before then, it was two division winners in each league; that was from 1969-1993 (no World series in 1994, because of overall douche-iness...killed the Montreal franchise..), and before that...well, let's just say, if you won a playoff round, you won the whole thing.  That's how it was since like the World series started in 1903, when the Boston Americans (Red Sox) beat the Pittsburgh Pirates.  There was no series in 1904, because John Mcgraw was being a crybaby, but starting again in 1905 and going til 1968, that's the way it was.

                I know why Selig (last name only) does this; more revenue, of course, but it still reeked of the kind of desperation that only he can muster...  .  Now the games themselves weren't bad; the Braves/Cardinals game was close, and had that controversial infield fly rule play that actually happened in shallow left field, but anyway...then the Rangers continued their late season swoon by losing to the Orioles 5-1, showing to the world once again, that Joe Nathan is one of the best relievers in baseball...until the playoffs start. It was odd that both away teams one, I guess, but it's happened before, I'm sure...oh wait, this is the first one of these...never mind...

                 So, as for the match-ups for the post season and their history together, we have in the AL the Tigers v.s the A's, who played each other in the ALCS in 1972. Oakland won in 5 games and Reggie Jackson pulling a hammy sliding home, making him ineligible for the series, which Oakland won in 7 over the Reds.  Fast forward 34 years to 2006, when the Detroit swept Oakland in 4 games, which ended with Magglio Ordonez hitting a walk off homer to seal the deal.

             Then there's the Yankees v.s Baltimore.  They faced each other in the post season once, in the  1996 ALCS.  That was the series with the bullshit Jeter homer that a fan (who I believe played in the minors recently for someone) caught clearly in fair play...although, in the kid's defense, it WAS a good catch.  The series was won by New York 4-1.

        In the NL, it's the Nationals v.s the Cardinals.  Now, since this is the Nationals first year making the playoffs, other than 1981, when they were the Montreal Expos (who lost to the Dodgers in a heartbreaking 5 game NLCS), there is no playoff history here...although, I will say for the record, I am sick of the Cardinals, and want them to lose.  No bad blood, just sick of 'em...which leads us to...

        The Reds v.s the Giants: Also two teams who have never faced each other in the post season, mostly because when division playoffs started, they were always together in the N.L. West.  Closest they came was in 2010, when the Reds got no hit by the Phillies Roy Halladay, and eventually lost to Philly, who then lost to San Fransisco.  Now, as far as World series scenarios go, here's the deal:

              Well, the Nationals are out.  They, along with the Seattle Mariners are the only two teams left to have never won a pennant.  And since they have played in the World series a million times (actually, 40), we can start with the New York Yankees, who are 5-2 against the Giants (4-2 against the New York Giants, and 1-0 against San Fran), 2-3 against the Cardinals ( the only NL team that has a winning record against them in world series play, not counting teams they've only played once), and 2-1 against the Reds.

        Keeping in the AL for now, the A's are 2-2 against the Giants (all but one a Philly-New York match-up),1-1 against the Cardinals, and 1-1 against the Reds. The Tigers are 1-2 against the Cards and 0-1 against the Reds.  Then the Orioles are 0-1 against the Cardinals (back when Baltimore was the St. Louis Browns) and 1-0 against the Reds.

      And although I'm repeating myself, I might as well finish...the NL goes like this: The Giants are 2-5 against the Yanks, 1-2 against the A's, the Reds are 1-2 against the Yanks, 1-1 against the A's, and 1-0 against the Tigers. And finally, the Cards are 3-2 against the Yanks, 1-1 against the A's (both when they were in Philly), 1-2 against Detroit, and 1-0 against the St Louis Browns, who, as I mentioned, used to be the Orioles.

     So there...I promise not to be so numbery next time...just was fascinated by it, especially The Cards series record against the Yanks...actually, I withdraw my objection to them not making the series; hey, if it means beating the Yankees, I'm all for it.  Just another part of being a disgruntled Red Sox fan coming off their worst season in my lifetime...anyway, I hope the match-ups are good, and there are no sweeps.  I guess that's all someone like me can root for at this point...  


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  1. Good article. Who knows at this point? At points last night I wish they had had Nolan Ryan, Bobby Cox and Bud Selig miked to get their thoughts. I always go with the team with the best pitcher (which I believe is Justin Verlander), but he hasn't pitched very well in the playoffs recently. I think you could make an arguement for almost any match-up in the series at this point. Should be interesting.